Why Should You Consider the Cloud?

  1. Scalable resources – adjust resources quickly and easily to meet demand
  2. Manage Costs – pay for what you use
  3. Self-Service – gain easy access to your IT resources

Frequently Voiced Concerns (FVCs)

  1. It sounds scary
    The cloud is not a scary place. Cloud computing simply moves your processing, systems, and possibly data to another location (instead of your server room).
  2. Is it safe?
    Moving your data into the cloud may seem like a risky proposition. But remember, cloud providers know your security concerns. It is a big part of their job. They are more likely to keep up on latest security protocols and adhere to standards than your own staff. Still not convinced? You don’t have to move your data to a public cloud. There are private and hybrid cloud options also available.
  3. Does it make IT obsolete?
    It has helped get IT a seat at the strategic table at organizations. It has allowed the role of IT to evolve beyond coding and running systems to an elevated position where IT leaders are looked upon to provide advice on the best technology directions an organization should take.

Do You Need the Cloud?

Smart IS’s team of consultants help you address this question. We evaluate whether a cloud solution is the right fit for you by conducting in-depth analysis of your current state and understanding the corporate goals and objectives you are trying to achieve.

We help you develop and execute a customized road map based on strategic alignment of goals and readiness.

  • Identify workloads, applications and processes best suited for cloud
  • Identify and select cloud computing service
    • Platform as a Service
    • Infrastructure as a Service
    • Software as a Service
  • Implementation – migrate existing systems or deploy new ones
  • Governance
  • Post-implementation analysis and optimization