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    National Flash Drive Day 2021: The Evolution of Data Storage

    By Monique Ahmad, Marketing Specialist Technology has rapidly advanced, with new innovations being introduced every day. Data storage and memory have been an important aspect of this advancement, not only keeping information safe but allowing access to it to be easier and safer. National Flash Drive Day is in place to appreciate the value of proper data storage.   Though flash drives are no longer the primary use for data storage any more, it’s important to understand where data storage began and where it is now.   Let’s Talk Flash Drives and Before its Time:   Though the concept of modern digital data storage began in the 1700, it wasn’t until the late 19th century, with punch cards, that we saw the start of what we understand as data storage today ( mentionable devices before flash drives used to store data included:   Hard Disk Drives starting 1956   Floppy Disks starting 1969    CDs 1980   These devices were innovated and updated over time, as well as, the invention of other devices in between this time. In 2000 the Flash Drive was introduced to the market ( Flash Drives allowed for a lot more data storage in a more compact and safe form. Unlike Floppy Disks and CDs, which are made with material that is easily damaged, flash drivers are more durable. Flash drives at the time made a massive change in data storage and movement, allowing data to be carried safely in a pocket size form.   But Since then, we’ve come very far.   Fast Forward 6 Years  Flash drives, though still used, are mainly a thing of the past. Since Flash Drives, data storage has continued to evolve becoming safer to store data, easier to access it and more compact. Physical data storage devices have many flaws and the need for cloud storage became inevitable.   In 2006 we were introduced to the first Cloud Service, AWS. Though data storage structures did exist before this, it wasn’t until 2006 that it was ready to brought to the market ( Cloud is far more than just storage, but storage is important part of any Cloud service. AWS was a gateway to many more services which spread throughout the world. This pushed the world to Cloud. Now whether you are a high schooler saving an essay or a business owner looking to store client datayou are on the cloud storing your information on the internet.   Covid 19 was a wakeup call for many businesses that hadn’t yet moved to the cloud. The businesses that had already been using a cloud service were able to quickly move their entire work force remotely and still function. All their information was on the cloud and could be accessed at their employees' homes. Businesses that hadn’tstruggled a bit more. If you are a business that hasn’t moved to the cloud there is still time.    At Smart IS we offer Cloud and Technology services to help businesses move to the cloud. From choosing the right Cloud service to setting up the system to hosting it, we can help from start to finish. We are also able to help businesses that are already on the cloud re-strategize to meet their business goals. Take a look at how we can help implement Cloud into your business strategy.   National Flash Drive Day is a reminder to us that we have come a long way in technology and data storage. Data storage is more than just secured our information, but it has had an impact on our day to day livesThe way we communicate and take in information is impacted by the we store our data.     Sources: 

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