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    National Flash Drive Day 2021: The Evolution of Data Storage

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    By Monique Ahmad, Marketing Specialist Technology has rapidly advanced, with new innovations being introduced every day. Data storage and memory have been an important aspect of this advancement, not only keeping information safe but allowing access to it to be easier and safer. National Flash Drive Day is in place to appreciate the value of proper data storage.   Though flash drives

    Data Privacy Day Blog

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      Data Privacy Day is observed each year on January 28th in hopes to create awareness of the importance of protecting individual data along with organizations’ and businesses’ information. The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) has led Data Privacy Day for many years, as well as, educates individuals on an annual basis about online presence and encourages organizations to continuously observe privacy best practices.  “In 2021, NCSA

    Benefits of Leveraging an Off-Shore Team

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    By Javad Ahmad, COO of Smart IS International American businesses have been outsourcing and offshoring tasks and processes for decades. However, what were once a set of disjointed teams, with ‘low level’, ‘tactical’ tasks and activities thrown over the fence to be completed by the offshore workforce, has now evolved into blended and collaborative teams, jointly

    JDA/BY WM New Features (Technical)

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    By Saad Ahmad, Vice President of  Smart IS International This is a list of technical enhancements over the last few releases. This list is not complete and if I am wrong on exact versions, please let me know. Groovy- 2007 This has been around for a while, but it needs to be emphasized. Please use it

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