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    Smart Viu

    Data Anywhere, Anytime

    Smart Viu tackles the challenge of meeting user demands for data in BY-WMS by offering a single deployable object capable of displaying multiple data outputs. This eliminates the need for creating numerous custom Page Builder screens, streamlining development, and reducing change management complexities. With Smart Viu, organizations can develop various data layouts without adding new screens, while still supporting Master/Detail layouts and actions on selected data. Overall, Smart Viu enhances usability and efficiency, ensuring users have access to the information they need without overwhelming screen development and management.

    Value Proposition

    Key Features

    • Single-Screen Deployment

      One-screen deployment, with the ability to display any dataset.

    • Configurable Actions

      Ability to configure and perform actions on the selected data.

    • Multi-Tab Master/Child Layout

      Ability to render data as Master/ Child in a Multi-Tab layout.

    • Chart Rendering Capability

      Ability to render data as charts.

    • Embedded Security Layer

      Embedded security layer to control which data outputs can be viewed by which users.

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