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    Moca Client

    Turbocharge Development

    Developers need to be empowered with a development tool that can overcome the challenges that each client’s infrastructure landscape may present. Smart IS created a tool that allows for accessing the environment at the MOCA Command Level. The MOCA Client Application can perform several tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

    Value Proposition

    Key Features

    • Unified Development Platform

      A single tool/interface serves for development, prototyping, troubleshooting, and application building.

    • Development Aids

      It offers tools such as command development, RF screen development, and search functionalities within commands and algorithms.

    • MOCA Layer Access

      Access to the application server is provided through the MOCA layer, eliminating the need for direct access via telnet or remote desktop.

    • Integrated Change Management

      Change management is ingrained in the application's DNA, ensuring readiness for audit challenges.

    • Built-in Security

      Security measures restrict access, allowing only authorized developers to connect in each environment.

    • Enterprise Controls

      Enterprise-level controls can enforce requirements such as minimum application version, enhancing standardization and compliance.

    • Audit Trail

      Every executed command is logged, enabling the presentation of detailed audit trails to external auditors when necessary.

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