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    Smart DDA Converter

    Why Reinvent the Wheel?

    The DDA Converter is for all BY customers, in an upgrade cycle looking to save time and effort for moving existing DDAs to the new Web-GUI platform. How will the DDA Converter Application bring Change to your Business? The DDA converter will simplify your Web UI development environment and allow both the BY consultants and their customers to easily access and convert their DDAs to Web UI. The use case and the front end remain like the existing screens, thus requiring less effort in retraining the users.

    Value Proposition

    Key Features

    • DDA Upgrade

      Upgrade all the existing DDAs to Web utilizing the DDA Converter

    • Consistent User Experience

      The same look and feel are now available in the Web GUI

    • Efficiency in Testing and Training

      Testing and training time is reduced

    • Fat Client Development

      Develop a new DDA in the Fat Client

    • Smart Conversion Process

      Once the DDA is fully tested in the Fat Client, you can employ the Smart DDA Web Converter to convert the DDA

    • Immediate Availability

      Once conversion is successful, the DDA is available in the target environment after a Refs restart

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