Managed Services

Smart IS offers a value driven alternative for transferring day-to-day administration and management responsibilities as a strategic method for improved, effective and efficient operations at reasonable costs. Additional benefits include improved communication, shorter overall project lifecycles and lower cost of ownership.

Our Managed & Support Services Include:

  • Application Lifecycle Management and Support

  • Production Support

  • Help Desk Support

  • Hosting – websites, packaged applications, custom applications

  • Server Co-Location

Our managed service solutions are geared towards providing an SLA driven centralized IT setup. This setup is proactively aimed at reducing cost of operations by optimizing the critical IT applications and infrastructure required for running key business processes.

Our Managed Services are designed to offer:

Minimized hardware and maintenance costs

Smart IS purchases quality hardware components, which are highly expandable for future growth and look towards the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product.

Smart IS’s data center team is available 24/7, reducing your expenses of hiring and training your own personnel as well as maintaining the support systems.

Ability to rapidly scale resources

Scalability is a top priority in our growing data center. We prefer using virtual machines where practical; expandable storage technologies such as fiber channel SAN chassis; upgradeable and burstable internet connections; and a flexible network design.

Increased efficiency and productivity

By performing the routine day to day data center tasks for you, Smart IS frees your IT staff to focus on core business areas of your organization.

How Does It Work?

To tailor the managed service solution to your needs, we would first undergo an on-boarding procedure. The on-boarding service includes tasks and activities geared towards understanding your current state and working with you in planning and formulating the managed service solution. Once you agree with the solution, we will develop a transition plan that includes details for documenting existing processes, transferring knowledge and transitioning support to Smart IS.

After executing the transition plan, we have a defined stabilization period to ensure everything is running smoothly. Once stable, we focus on completing agreed upon tasks to support the continuous optimization of your IT environment, while keeping you informed with regular reports and meetings.

Smart IS will assign a point of contact that will focus on building rapport with your organization and on maintaining a continuously evolving knowledge base of your organization. In addition to this, you will have access to Smart IS’s full competency center; have the ability to use fractional resources, and have the option to take advantage of additional discounts on any new projects.

Response Protocol

Smart IS data center has around the clock monitoring and situational response. Additionally, all Data Center team members receive mobile alerts which are immediately acknowledged. Smart IS will set a response protocol for acknowledgment, assignment and reviewing with the case owner. The protocol will depend on the priority of the case and will then be dealt with according to its critical nature.