Custom Development

Smart IS can build, modify and integrate your mission-critical applications to ensure reliable delivery of services. Whether it is .NET, PHP, Java or something else; if you can dream it…we can build it.    Our services incorporate business analysis, technical expertise and expandability options. There is endless expandability with Smart IS from ERP, web, portal, custom, and integration. Your solution will be designed, delivered and documented. Smart IS options include any platform, any technology, any time.
Your organization seeks to build a strong web presence, drive efficiencies through online technologies, find new software innovations, master search engines and outsmart competitors. Accomplishing all of this while maximizing your budget and meeting ever-advancing timelines may seem impossible and overwhelming.

Don’t worry. Smart IS can fill this tall order.

Smart IS can develop your public website, intranet, or extranet, with user-focused design, content, usability testing, search-engine optimization, and hosting. All that, along with incredible graphic design, will create the web experience, demonstrate the brand and prioritize the homepage display based on business objectives. We make web development easy by empowering you. Our use of content management systems gives you control of your completed solution, even if you have limited technical skills. You can also access our support team to ensure that infrastructure, software, and security are backed up. Furthermore, search engine optimization will get your site directly in front of your target audience.

Social Media Integration

Social media with a clear sense of purpose can shape perceptions and humanize your brand by personifying your company. smart-is can assist you in integrating your social media applications into your website to help build a rich community network. If you have trouble managing several social media accounts, we can link all of them so that you can update your news stream in one place. We can also link social analytics with CRM and Business Intelligence tools so that you can measure the performance of your social engagement.

Shopping Carts

Smart IS can extend your sales channel through online shopping carts. We can further optimize your online solutions by using web services (SOA) integration to connect shipping and banking third party providers.

Smartphones and mobile applications are converging people’s communication and information needs. Online and offline life are being fused together and the web is now part of everyone’s lives.

To succeed, you need to consider mobility; not simply mobile.

Therefore, Smart IS offers innovative solutions that enhance your business processes and empower your employees to be more mobile. We help boost your mobility by increasing your mobile presence to engage your customers. Our expert developers innovate and communicate; they are a bunch of innovative thinkers who deliver on their promises and ensure that their client is satisfied. In addition to mobile applications, Smart IS can optimize your website to ensure that users get the experience you intend to provide by:
  • Simplifying layout so that the content is viewable at arm’s length.
  • Prioritizing content to ensure it is valuable for users on the go, and site navigation is easier.
  • Leveraging mobile features such as click-to-call, displaying content based on a user’s location and mobile-to-store experience to achieve your website’s objectives.