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    Blue Yonder Services

    Supply Chain Advisory

    Supply Chain Advisory services guide you toward tailored solutions, helping you discover the ideal fit for your specific needs and objectives.

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    Our team of consultants specializing in business processes and strategy thoroughly examines capabilities, evaluates business value, crafts roadmaps, and prioritizes key initiatives to drive digital transformation. We provide guidance in selecting solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


    Implementation services include needs assessment, proof-of-concept execution, technical design creation, system configuration support, conference room pilot management, go-live and hyper care, and project management.

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    We take a phased approach to comprehensively understand your business, crafting a dynamic solution summary through our Implementation Methodology, which prioritizes processes and capabilities. We lean heavily on standard solution capabilities, yet, when necessary, we tailor your solution to match your specific requirements and tackle any identified gaps, guaranteeing the development of a seamless workaround.


    Upgrade services include gap analysis, upgrade recommendations, new functionality demonstrations, ROI/feasibility studies, database migration, new feature configuration training, and RDT conversion to JAVA.

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    We employ a dynamic strategy for your upgrade, dividing it into multiple phases, where each milestone embarks on its own journey towards success. This approach not only streamlines the upgrade process but also enhances its resilience and traceability by utilizing Agile methodology.

    • Phase 1 – Discovery & Fit-gap
    • Phase 2 – Solution Summary and Project Road Map
    • Phase 3 – Solution Development

    • Phase 4 – Solution Deployment

    Data Analytics

    Powered by data, ignited by innovation – Dive deeper with AI Potential of data-driven insights and innovative approaches, leveraging artificial intelligence to delve deeper into understanding and problem-solving.

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    Leveraging Machine Learning, AI, and extensive industry expertise, we offer a distinctive skill set and resources to empower your analytics organization. Realize your digital ambitions with Smart IS as your Power BI Partner. Our proficiency extends to analyzing vast datasets within or beyond the Blue Yonder Platform, equipping you with reports and tools to facilitate informed decision-making for your organization.

    Custom Enhancements

    This phrase suggests harnessing the potential of data-driven insights and innovative approaches, leveraging artificial intelligence to delve deeper into understanding and problem-solving.

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    We recognize that “off-the-shelf” product may not meet your requirements. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in precisely addressing those challenges and tailoring solutions for your organization that are upgrade-friendly and compliant with Blue Yonder’s standards, whether on-premises or on SaaS. Our unique accelerators such as Smart Rules, SmartViu, and DDA Converter significantly facilitate in extending standard product that best fits your need.

    Managed Services(Support)

    Take advantage of our 24/7 Blue Yonder support services, providing 24/7/365 operational assistance for both custom and standard code needs, and benefit from our highly appealing pricing model.

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    Our managed service team, consisting of experienced solution specialists, offers round-the-clock 24/7 support to our customers across all levels of assistance. Setting us apart from competitors is our proficiency in conducting root cause analysis and resolving issues through automation tools. Moreover, our globally appealing pricing model attracts customers from around the world.


    Leverage the often overlooked yet critical components of a successful project: project management and delivery services, seamlessly integrated into our customer offerings.

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    Effective project management is pivotal to the success of any project. Our team of certified project managers, delivery managers, and scrum masters fulfill crucial roles in every project by ensuring visibility for our customers. We prioritize transparency, considering it is fundamental to our success in retaining customers. As part of our offerings, we provide PMO services both within our projects and as a standalone service.

    Smart Solution Design Paradigm

    Create a dynamic documentation repository that stays throughout the lifecycle of your Warehouse Management System.

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    Enter SSDP (Smart Solution Design Paradigm), a transformative solution that offers an actively maintained document structure, enabling users to locate and update project-related documents in real-time, thus creating a living document environment. This framework leverages the seamless integration between Confluence and JIRA to harmonize business processes with development efforts. Consequently, users can easily trace the implementation of a business requirement and vice versa.
    SSDP not only revitalizes static solution summaries into living documents but also integrates them seamlessly into every phase of the solution lifecycle – from design and development to testing and deployment. With SSDP, staying aligned with evolving technologies and solutions becomes not just achievable, but intuitive.

    We employ and advocate for this as an onboarding option for our customers. For more information, check out this white paper.

    System Integration

    System integration services facilitate seamless integration with SAP (iDocs, Flat File/XML), JD Edwards, Oracle, custom ERPs, automation systems (e.g., ASRS, robotic and conveyor systems), and parcel systems (e.g., Pitney Bowes).

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    Our system integration services are designed to facilitate seamless connectivity across a wide range of platforms and technologies. We ensure smooth integration with SAP systems, including iDocs and Flat File/XML formats, as well as JD Edwards and Oracle solutions. Our expertise extends to custom ERPs, enabling tailored solutions that meet unique business requirements. Additionally, we integrate with advanced automation systems such as Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), robotic systems, and conveyor systems, ensuring that these critical components work harmoniously within your operations. Our services also encompass integration with parcel systems, including industry leaders like Pitney Bowes, to streamline logistics and shipping processes. By providing comprehensive system integration, we help businesses achieve operational efficiency, reduce manual interventions, and enhance overall productivity.

    Audit Management

    Audit management services offer support for internal and external audits, including audit controls, federated reports, and ensuring RP SOX compliance for change management and related control reports.

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    Our audit management services are meticulously crafted to support both internal and external audits, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compliance. We provide robust audit controls that help organizations maintain rigorous standards and detailed oversight throughout their operations. Our services include the creation and management of federated reports, which consolidate data from various sources to present a unified and accurate view of audit-related information. This integrated approach not only enhances transparency but also streamlines the auditing process, making it more efficient and less prone to errors. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring RP SOX compliance, particularly concerning change management and related control reports. By adhering to these stringent regulatory requirements, we help organizations mitigate risks and uphold the highest levels of accountability and governance. Our audit management solutions are designed to provide peace of mind, knowing that all aspects of the auditing process are handled with precision and expertise, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations without the distraction of audit-related concerns.


    DDA/Reports/Labels services encompass productivity analysis, order management reporting, cost analysis for picking and receiving, shipping and SSCL label generation, UPC, RFID, AIAG, and inventory tracking through 2D barcodes.

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    Our DDA/Reports/Labels services are designed to provide comprehensive support for a variety of critical business functions, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in operations. These services include detailed productivity analysis, allowing organizations to monitor and enhance their operational performance effectively. We offer extensive order management reporting to keep track of order processing, fulfillment, and delivery, ensuring that every step of the order cycle is transparent and well-documented. Additionally, our cost analysis services for picking and receiving help businesses identify areas for cost savings and efficiency improvements. We also specialize in the generation of shipping and SSCL labels, ensuring that all shipments are accurately labeled and tracked. Our services extend to the creation of UPC, RFID, and AIAG labels, which are essential for inventory management and tracking. To further enhance inventory tracking, we utilize 2D barcodes, providing a modern and efficient solution for managing stock levels and movement. By integrating these diverse elements into our DDA/Reports/Labels services, we enable organizations to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve overall productivity.


    Implementation services include needs assessment, proof-of-concept execution, technical design creation, system configuration support, conference room pilot management, go-live and hyper care, and project management.

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    Our Training/Documentation services ensure your team is fully prepared to operate new systems efficiently. We start with a needs assessment to tailor training and documentation to your organization. Detailed user manuals, guides, and interactive tutorials are provided, along with hands-on training during the proof-of-concept phase. We document technical designs and system configurations meticulously. Comprehensive training sessions are conducted during conference room pilot management, with on-site support and hyper care offered during go-live. Regular updates and documentation ensure transparency and clear communication throughout the project.

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