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    Smart Solution Design Paradigm in a Connected World

    Abstract In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, marked by continuous advancements in machine learning, AI, hardware, software, and digitization, keeping pace with evolving technology and its solutions is increasingly challenging. Gone are the days of static solution summaries buried in SDLC documents on individual PCs, servers, or in email inboxes. As projects expand, so does the

    Web Framework of JDA WMS 2017

    Close up man writing code on the laptop

    As an organization you have committed to upgrade to JDA WMS 2017+ and are in the process of evaluating the effort required for this upgrade and whether this upgrade can solely be considered a “Technical” upgrade?

    Why Utilize 3rd Party Managed Services for JDA WMS?

    White Paper

    JDA WMS Customers go through the pain and tribulation of getting the WMS installed and live. However, it is quickly discovered that the application needs a steady care and feeding. On a daily basis, there are Integration errors,….

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