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    Introducing RF++ from Smart IS International

    2020-05-07- Products

    By Khurram Ahmad, CEO of Smart IS International All JDA/Blue Yonder WMS implementations need an RF Solution; a solution for physical devices that are used on the floor to perform most of the warehouse functions. Man-Hours spent on these devices far exceed those on GUI screens. However, when we look closely at the evolution of JDA/Blue

    JDA/Blue Yonder Application Monitor

    RedPrairie/JDA Application Monitor

    By Saad Ahmad, Executive Vice President of Smart IS International Overview One thing that all large implementations have in common is the need for some tasks that need to be completed periodically. These may be tasks that are by design or due to some data corruption. We often are unable to get the fix from the

    Managing Long Running Jobs in JDA/Blue Yonder

    Managing Long Running Jobs in RedPrairieJDA

    By Saad Ahmad, Executive Vice President at Smart IS International We often have jobs that perform long tasks. There is no easy way to see the work they are performing at a given time. The only option is to look at MOCA Console or another similar view which provides a low level window into the MOCA

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