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    Mandatory Managerial Skills for The Modern Workforce

    Mandatory Managerial Skills for The Modern Workforce

    By Zarman Hooda-Talent Management & Organizational Development Specialist Smart IS International Being an effective manager in contemporary times, especially amidst localized or generalized crises, carries an impactful weight greater than ever before. In order to lead the modern workforce, a combination of diverse skillsets is no more something that is merely preferred, but something that is

    Introduction to MOCA Client by Smart IS

    Introduction to MOCA Client by Smart IS

    By Khurram Ahmad, CEO of Smart IS International Working with the Blue Yonder (BY) WMS application can take on many roles. Your relationship with it could be that: You are a general user that primarily interacts with the application through the provided screens and navigate using the menu options. You are super user and often end

    Auto-Waving in BlueYonder WMS Application

    Auto-Waving in BlueYonder WMS Application

    By Khurram Ahmad, CEO of Smart IS International The BlueYonder TM (BY) WMS product comes with a rich featured Wave Planning process. However, it is limited in automating the business rules that are generally operationally implemented during the wave planning process by an organization. When we evaluate Wave Planning SOPs for an organization the following common

    Business Intelligence for JDA/BlueYonder Systems:

    Business Intelligence for JDA/BlueYonder Systems:(1)

    Analyzing Need for a Labor Management System By Saad Ahmad, Executive VP of Smart IS International Abstract Blue Yonder (BY) tables contain valuable information that can determine important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a site. Such data exists in tables like “dlytrn” that are extremely large and not easy to query. Moreover, due to deployment decisions

    Benefits of Leveraging an Off-Shore Team

    Smart IS

    By Javad Ahmad, COO of Smart IS International American businesses have been outsourcing and offshoring tasks and processes for decades. However, what were once a set of disjointed teams, with ‘low level’, ‘tactical’ tasks and activities thrown over the fence to be completed by the offshore workforce, has now evolved into blended and collaborative teams, jointly

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